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The New E-Commerce Consultancy service we deliver includes not only our state of art technology. We also support change management with our proven scenarios and most importantly our dedication.

The time has come for those retailers who are done with being aware of new-commerce to start experimenting.

As a benefit of embedding technology in daily business, retailers now have many more channels touching and serving their customers such as social media, call centres, mobile apps, tele sales etc. rather than the only tool they had for many years, “bricks-and-mortar”. What seems to be an advantage at first then becomes a problem for those who do not listen and adapt themselves to new type of demands on the market.

They are facing a new type of customer who use technology pretty well and want to experience the same on every channel in which retailers exist. That is exactly what has created the omni-channel marketing concept.

According to this new concept every info, product, campaign and ad –  basically every item a customer touches should be accessible and aligned with every channel.

Let’s make up a story to make this concept more meaningful. In our story, we have a customer who loves and is very familiar with technology and a retailer. It has adapted its business to this full functioning concept.

Our story starts with the customer getting captured and profiled on the retailer’s web site via cookies while they are surfing on their cellphone.

A couple of days later, the customer is teased with an ad that pops up on their screen showing the product they have been looking for. They remember it, click on the ad, go to the website and add it to their basket. They change their mind and complete the order in a different colour as soon as they get home.

A couple of minutes later a question comes to their mind and they make a call to the retailer’s call centre. They are satisfied by the call centre response and end up ordering one more of the same product in a different colour. The order is delivered on the same day by the retailer.

The very next day, they decide to return one of the products as soon as they open the package because of the colour. They go to the retailer’s offline store and change it for a new one in the desired colour.

Having used the product for a while, they decide to change it again. This time they use social media instead. The retailer’s social media team picks up the request and sends alternatives via email to the customer. They choose a new one and have it delivered to their doorstep and give back the used one. And so ends our story.

As you may see, the customer starts their experience with one channel then finalizes it with a different one. No matter which channel is chosen, they are warmly welcomed and satisfied without being bothered by explaining the situation in detail. Every step the customer  takes, the retailer knows who they are and what they have ordered. Basically every channel has been organized to make the customer experience perfect throughout their journey.

Eventually, having gone through all this, the retailer gains a new loyal customer.

What brings this dream into reality is dedication which starts by putting the customer to the centre of business. Then comes building a fully functioning multi-channel structure, planning in detail and many hours of employee training. Those requirements may sound scary for your organisation. This is exactly where we come in as your partner. We simply walk along together throughout your journey to this level of excellence.

The New E-Commerce consultancy service we deliver includes not only our state of art technology. We also support change management with our proven scenarios and most importantly our dedication.