About Us

Who are we?

In Turkey, the rapidly growing e-commerce sector has existed for a long time. It is still thriving. NGcommerce Solutions entered the sector with the largest and most comprehensive online retailing success story. NGcommerce’s 2018-19 target is focussed on the corporate retail sector.

NGcommerce maintains its R&D activities by following the latest developments in the global e-commerce. By sharing its international experience NGcommerce is helping its customers catch up with cutting edge technologies in the world.

On the leading cloud platforms, we developed “NGcommerce” with the best workflows according to international standards. The main goal of Our Solutions is to become the most prestigious brand by adapting its international experiences to the local market.

In the process of achieving business goals we provide our customers with innovative solutions which will enable them to increase their competitiveness and put them on the map in the e-commerce sector.


Maintaining sustainable service quality and security in e-commerce infrastructure.



“The e-commerce infrastructure provider brand” that shows the way.

Why NGcommerce ?

Committed to the Future

New-Commerce Partner

Beyond providing infrastructure technologies, NGcommerce is the new-commerce partner offering its customers the best consulting and business solutions in the e-commerce industry.

Next Generation Commerce on Cloud

NGI solution family has the new-commerce solutions you need.

NGI Commerce Suite allows you to increase your customers’ shopping experience in an unlimited way with technology, functionality and flexibility. Go live omni-channel very quickly.

Enterprise Integration Stability on Cloud

The challenges of multiple systems compared to all-in-one solutions will be a thing of the past. Benefit from the best of breed in everything you do.

NGI solutions use Biztalk for internal and external third party enterprise solutions.

Optimized Pickup Orchestration on Cloud

NGI CS orchestration gives you additional fulfillment functionality and traceability. It has an engine for determining the order pickup locations.

If you use stores as pickup locations, there is no need for any other in-store logistics or merchandising systems.

Order & Collect Service Hub on Cloud

You can open your systems to third party brands, companies and online stores.

NGI order&collect solution gives freedom to your customers for payment and receiving methods, shopping channels and locations.